Top MMA Gym in Asia
Launches Cryptocurrency
for the Fitness Industry

After 8 years in business, Muayfit launches MFIT coin to reward its loyal network of gyms owners, fight event organisers, sponsors, over 500 fighters and 12,000 members, and more than 100,000 social media supporters. MFIT aims to transform the fitness industry with some truly exciting projects over the next 12 months. Come join the revolution!


Key Features of MFIT Coin


Masternode secures the blockchain network and aid in making transaction instantly. Node holders are rewarded daily with newly-mined MFIT coins.


Uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks, keeping your transactions and accounts away from prying eyes.


MFIT Coin utilizes PrivateSend to give our users the option to keep their payments private and anonymous.


Staking MFIT coins on the blockchain helps to secure the network as it moves forward. Stakeholders earn daily rewards in MFIT coins.


Advanced Quark hashing algorithm protects the blockchain network, keeping all transaction transparent and leak-proof.


Send and receive payment in MFIT coins worldwide instantaneously through our platform with minimal fees.

Global Adoption

Specialized apps, products and services will be created around MFIT coin to increase its demand and usage in the global wellness market.

High Liquidity

MFIT coins will be traded on multiple exchanges, providing arbitrage and trading opportunities to its investors.

Earn Passive Income with Masternodes

MFIT Coin masternodes are essentially decentralized nodes that host a wallet with a collateralized amount of MFIT coins.

These nodes performed vital tasks such as:

  • Adding layers of privacy to transactions
  • Stabilizing the network
  • Increasing network transaction speeds
  • Providing financial incentives to node holders for each validated transaction

The MFIT blockchain rewards node holders with newly-mined MFIT coins daily, allowing them to earn passive income in return for securing the network. The return on investment (ROI) is determined by the number of masternodes and amount of collateral committed to the network.

The opportunity to operate a MFIT masternode is available to anyone who purchases the required amount of collateral required.

Masternode Setup Guide

MFIT Coin Reward Structure

Running a masternode can be a financially rewarding venture. The MFIT blockchain generates a reward every 60 seconds. The masternode that “complete its tasks” will earn the corresponding rewards.

Node holders who own masternodes are entitled to 80% of the total reward, while the remaining 20% goes to stakeholders who have coins in blockchain but not a masternode.

No. Block Total Rewards MN Rewards (80%) Pos Rewards (20%)
1 201-20000 2 1.6 0.4
2 20001-40000 4 3.2 0.8
3 40001-60000 6 4.8 1.2
4 60001-80000 8 6.4 1.6
5 80001-100000 10 8 2
6 100001-120000 11 8.8 2.2
7 120001-140000 12 9.6 2.4
8 140001-160000 13 10.4 2.6
9 160001-180000 14 11.2 2.8
10 180001-200000 15 12 3
11 200001-250000 14 11.2 2.8
12 250001-300000 13 10.4 2.6
13 300001-350000 12 9.6 24
14 350001-400000 11 8.8 2.2
15 400001-450000 10 8 5
16 450001-500000 9 7.2 1.8
17 500001-600000 8 6.4 1.6

* Rewards decrease by 5% every 100K block AFTER block 600K

MFIT Coin Specification

Ticker symbol MFIT
Algorithm Quark
Type POS + Masternode
Max coin supply 10,000,000 MFIT
Premined 80,000 MFIT
MN Collateral 1,000 MFIT
Block generation 60 seconds
Rewards 80% Masternode, 20% Staking

How to Buy MFIT Coin (MFIT)

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Wallet Download

The wallet plays an important role for the masternode. It is where your collateralized MFIT coins are kept. The wallet, which can be installed on your PC or a cloud server, is sync to your blockchain via a virtual private server that host a copy of the blockchain.

Please download and install the appropriate wallet for your system.





Our Main Roadmap

The MFIT roadmap depicts the projected dates for the delivery of milestones. Over the next 12 months, we will be launching several high profile projects that will boost the adoption and increase the usage of MFIT coins in the global marketplace.

Move your cursor over to the highlighted milestone to see a brief description of the project.


Meet the Team

Established in 2010 in Malaysia, Muayfit is one of the longest-running mixed martial arts gyms in Asia. Over the 8 years, we have conducted more than 30,000 classes in 18 disciplines including Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, Pilates and Yoga.

Apart from operating gyms, Muayfit also organizes MMA and Muay Thai fight events in shopping malls, pubs and in our own gyms. To date, we have organized 15 live events, attracting more than 500 fighters from around the world and 30,000 hardcore fans.

In 2011, Muayfit became the first Malaysian network partner of ONE CHAMPIONSHIP, the largest MMA organization in Asia, with a global viewership base of over 1 billion. Since 2011, Muayfit has numerous of its fighters signed as a professional with ONE CHAMPIONSHIP.

And in 2012, just 2 years after bursting onto the scene, Muayfit became a household name when it was ranked a Top 10 MMA gym in Asia by respected MMA portals, The Fight Nation and MMAMania.

On the corporate side, in 2014, Muayfit was a top 12 finalists in the prestigious Alliance Bank SME Innovation Challenge, a business reality program that attracted over 200 companies with under US$12 million in revenues.

Today, Muayfit has a network of 4 gyms and multiple affiliate gyms across Asia. It has a membership database exceeding 12,000.

Paul TEO, Co-Founder

Paul is the founder and brand name holder of Muayfit. Known as the “Godfather of Mixed Martial Arts”, he first introduced MMA into Malaysia back in 2010 and subsequently popularized the sport by establishing a network of Muayfit MMA gyms and organizing MMA fight events in shopping centers and pubs. He's now involved in blockchain development.

Machine GAN, Co-Founder

"Machine" GAN is the director of Muayfit. Having joined the company in 2011 as a membership sales excutive, he worked his way to the top and is now the proud co-owner of Muayfit @ Gamuda Walk shopping mall. A man of many talents, Gan holds a certificate in Muay Thai instruction but his first love is fight event management and corporate development.

Raymond LEW, Co-Founder

Raymond started his career in the fitness industry in 2007 as a Club Manager in Celebrity Fitness and True Fitness. Subsequent, he was headhunted to help set up Gorgeous Fitness before joining Muayfit. Today, he’s the co-owner of Muayfit @ Puchong. Raymond is also the World Boxing Council (WBC-OPBF’s) representative in Malaysia.

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